Jong-sung You

Senior Lecturer


BA (Seoul National University), MPA and PhD (Harvard University)

Contact details
+61 2 6125 7097
Room: 4.22
Building: Hedley Bull Building

Biographical statement

My research interest in democracy, inequality and corruption originates from my earlier activist career. Before pursuing an academic career, I worked for democratisation and social justice in South Korea. I was imprisoned for more than two years because of my active role in the anti-dictatorship student movement under the military regimes. I also worked for Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice as Director of Policy Research and General Secretary. I am officially recognized as a Distinguished Democratic Honouree by the government of the Republic of Korea. After obtaining a PhD in Public Policy from Harvard University in 2006, I worked as Assistant Professor at the University of California in San Diego before coming to ANU in 2014.

Research interests

Comparative politics and political economy of inequality, corruption, social trust, freedom of expression and election campaign regulations, with regional focus on Korea and East Asia.

Key publications

• Democracy, Inequality and Corruption: Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines Compared, Cambridge University Press, 2015.
• 유종성 지음, 김재중 옮김, 동아시아 부패의 기원: 문제는 불평등이다. 한국 타이완 필리핀 비교연구, 동아시아, 2016.
• “Demystifying the Park Chung-Hee Myth: The Critical Role of Land Reform in the Evolution of Korea’s Developmental State.” Journal of Contemporary Asia, Forthcoming (2017).
• “Criminal Prosecution for Candidate Defamation and Insult in South Korea: Replicating a Leflarian Study” (with Kyungsin Park), University of Pennsylvania Asian Law Review, Forthcoming (2017).
• “Corruption and Social Trust,” in Eric Uslaner ed., Oxford Handbook of Political and Social Trust, Oxford University Press, Forthcoming (2017).
• “An Odyssey of Development of Control of Corruption in South Korea,” in Alina Mungiu-Pippidi and Michael Johnston eds., Transitions to Good Governance: Creating Virtuous Circles of Anticorruption, Edward Elgar, Forthcoming (2017).
• “Capturing Collusion: The Industry and the Government in Ferry Safety Regulation”(with Youn Min Park), in Jae-jung Suh and Mikyoung Kim eds., Compressed Modernization, Compounded Risks: Sinking of the Sewol and South Korea, Palgrave Macmillan, Forthcoming (2017).
• “The Legacies of State Corporatism in Korea: Regulatory Capture in the Sewol Ferry Tragedy” (with Youn Min Park), Journal of East Asian Studies 17(1), 2017: 95-118.
• “Corruption and Inequality in Asia,” in Ting Gong and Ian Scott eds., Routledge Handbook of Corruption in Asia, Routledge, 2016: 97-112.
• “Freedom of Expression in South Korea” (with Stephan Haggard), Journal of Contemporary Asia 45(1), 2015: 167-179.
• “The Cheonan Incident and the Declining Freedom of Expression in South Korea.” Asian Perspective, 39(2), 2015: 195-219.
• “Land Reform, Inequality, and Corruption: A Comparative Historical Study of Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines,” The Korean Journal of International Studies 12, 2014: 191-224.
• “Budget Transparency and Participation in South Korea,” in Open Budgets: The Political Economy of Transparency, Participation, and Accountability,” edited by Sanjeev Khagram, Archon Fung, Paolo de Renzio, Brookings Institution Press, 2013: 105-129.
• “Social Trust: Fairness Matters More Than Homogeniety,” Political Psychology 33(5), 2012: 701-721.
• “Transition from a Limited Access Order to an Open Access Order: The Case of South Korea,” in In the Shadow of Violence: Politics, Economics, and the Problems of Development, edited by Douglas North, John Wallis, Steve Webb, and Barry Weingast, Cambridge University Press, 2012: 293-327.
• “Transferring Production Systems: An Institutionalist Account of Hyundai Motor Company in the United States” (co-authored with Hyung Je Jo), Journal of East Asian Studies 11(1), 2011: 41-73.
• “A Comparative Study of Inequality and Corruption” (co-authored with Sanjeev Khagram), American Sociological Review 70 (1), 2005: 136-157.
• Papers available at:

Career highlights

Assistant Professor at University of California, San Diego; Co-Investigator, Political Economy of Korean Development (US$525,000 research grant from the Academy of Korean Studies); Visiting Scholar at Korea University, Yonsei University, Hansung University and Kyunghee University; Instructor at the Global Collaborative, Kyunghee University; Consultant for World Bank, UNDP Asia and German Institute of Global and Area Studies; Policy Research Director and General Secretary, Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice, South Korea; Member of Advisory Committee for Prime Minister of South Korea on Unemployment; Member of Commission for Prevention of Corruption, South Korea; Executive Director, Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Combating Money Politics, South Korea; Associate Director for Seoul Headquarters, National Movement for Democracy, South Korea; Co-Convenor, NGO Caucus on Currency Transactions Tax, United Nations.

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